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About European Chapter

The European Chapter of the IARMJ has expanded its field of interest, expertise and discussions within its network from law on international protection to immigration law, because the majority of the members of the European Chapter of the IARMJ who deal with refugee law cases deal also with immigration disputes no matter whether they provide judicial services at specialised refugee and immigration tribunals or at general administrative courts.


hugo storey

Hugo Storey

Hugo Storey is an Upper Tribunal Judge (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) (formerly Senior Immigration Judge of the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal) in the United Kingdom. He is currently a member of the Chamber’s executive committee and also its reporting committee. He has sat on a number of the Tribunal’s main country guidance cases (e.g. on Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia) and also acts as co-ordinator of the Tribunal’s country guidance work. He was formerly a law academic, and later an Honorary Research Fellow, at the University of Leeds. In an academic capacity he has published widely on human rights, refugee, international law and European law issues. 

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